Wow! A 1934 $100,000 Gold Certificate, complete with a nifty engraving of President Wilson on the front!  But have you ever wondered what that bill would be worth today in 2010? Surely, it would be worth more than the face value, right?  A short history lesson about money might help figure out how this all works.

What you could buy for $100.00 in 1934 would cost you $1,533.65 in 2007.  Put another way, the exact same product if purchased in 1934 for $6.48 would cost you $100 in 2007.  And if we consider the price of one oz of gold in 1934 at $20.00 compared to the price of gold today at $1,100 per oz, the difference is staggering.

Also on the bill it clearly states:

“This is to certify that there is on deposit in the Treasury of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS IN GOLD payable to bearer on demand as authorized by law.”

In 1934 if you could exchange the $100,000 gold certificate for gold bullion, you would get 5,000 ounces of gold.   And today those 5,000 oz of gold would be worth $4,700,000 (that’s four million, seven hundred dollars!)

But, today what do you think you’d get if you marched up to Fort Knox, presented your certificate and demanded your gold? Yep, you’re right. You’d walk out with nothing. Okay, they might give you a check for $100,000, but they sure wouldn’t give you the gold (even if they had it), but the $100,000  would be insignificant compared to the $4,700,000 that it was really worth.

A gold certificate just like the silver certificate, issued by the U.S. Government holds value as a numismatic collectible paper, but for little else. The slick con men in congress changed the rules and you got left holding the bad. It’s the same old “bait and switch” game that’s been played by con men, bankers, governments and other criminals throughout history. Our current “banksters” and “Government criminals” are no different.

The TARP II plan recently signed into law is just another version of the same thing. It’s theft pure and simple, couched in high-sounding words, pomp and circumstance. It’s still the stock in trade of the common thief. They’re taking it out of your pocket and putting it into theirs. The biggest wealth transfer in history is taking place right before your eyes (even if they are not open).

Hold on to your hats because we ain’t seen nothing yet! They’re only getting started on the restructuring program for America. There are plans already drawn up for the outcome of all this deception. And your welfare and wellbeing is not first on their list.

The bankster elite and their “behind the curtain” masters are pulling the strings to turn this country and the world into their plaything. They envision a world of slaves and robots under the thumb of the masters (them).

Get ready; your name is on their list too.

They are not nice people

Daniel Jacobs
(c) 2009, all rights reserved


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