How To Attract Abundance

How is one supposed to feel when someone dies?

Especially when this person, completely out of his own self-interest, has created untoward turmoil, trauma, and upset in the lives of so many, all under the thinly veiled guise of help?

I suppose I would say my feelings are mixed.

On one side, maybe I should at least give slight applause or at least a tip of the hat, to acknowledge what could be a desperate attempt, a final solution to get himself honest and straight after living a life a pretense, lies, and deception and harming countless others in the process.

Perhaps we can speculate that at last he came to grips with his life and took a look at his actions  – without the mask of justification or explanation – and just couldn’t digest (or live with) what he had done to ruin so many lives. Then he stopped himself from bringing further harm to good people and simply took himself out of the picture for good.  But I doubt we’ll never know for sure.

He lived a pretend life; pretending to help, pretending to care, pretending to be honest, ethical, or truthful, even pretending to ever take the lives of others into consideration.

Then when he had the opportunity to take responsibility for his crimes, he took the coward’s way out and created a physical condition that ended his life.

Personally, I feel no sympathy or sadness at the news that he departed the area for good.

In fact, I’m strongly leaning toward a feeling of relief; relief that such a person is finally out of the picture. He will not again be spreading his brand of evil, destruction, turbulence, or negatively into my own life, my family and friends, and the lives of so many others . . . at least not for the foreseeable future anyway.


To whatever slight degree, when such a person exists or has existed in your life, your natural tendency is to attempt to stop any connection or connection with that person. While this is a reasonable action, there is a hidden negative connotation attached to this.

When you put out an intention to stop something, especially when it has gone on for a long time, you have to have to maintain some slight degree of attention on the area, if only to remind yourself to be alert and vigilant in making sure the “stop” does not weaken or become lax.

Now then, an interesting mechanism takes place when you do this. The fact that you put out an intention to stop any negative inflow of undesired communication from this troublesome source, can morph into a generalized stop.

The unintended consequences of this process is, at least to some degree, that you also begin to stop attracting any positive inflow from coming to you.

The short story is this: if you set up an intention to stop an inflow (i.e. from a troublesome source), then by definition, this also stops both your outflow and inflow from this and adjacent areas.  A “stopped flow” is a “stopped flow” whether an inflow or an outflow.

Further, you begin to limit your own expansion by becoming “careful of” making the same mistake again. Happily, the moment you recognize what is really happening your “flows” will start to open up to positive inflow.

And almost magically you begin to attract abundance in terms of positive inflows heading your way, very soon!

And that is something we can all use more of, right?

Daniel Jacobs

(c) 2015, all rights reserved


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