Have you ever thought that power stems from the trappings of success – – that the outward manifestations are the thing itself?  If so, you’ve been seduced and taken in by a popular and pervasive myth.

It is said that power corrupts, but actually it’s more true that power attracts the corruptible. The sane are usually attracted by other things than power.” – David Brin (1950 – )

The harsh truth is that the true source of power is often not what it appears to be.

Books and movies abound on the subject seducing us into thinking that power is the only thing worth attaining.  Personalities lecture us endless on the topic.  Countless searches are conducted in an effort to discover the answers to questions about the secrets of power, mostly in vain.  A never-ending quest for some, a thing to be envied but never obtained by others; power can often seem very elusive.

But the trappings of power are legendary, symbols of power are everywhere, and substitutes for real power surround us at every turn.  Money, as a visible indication of power is the thing most sought after, fought over, source of both misery and happiness at the same time.

But when abused, power is scorned, despised, and hated.

Where does the truth lie?

Lets start with the derivation of power, which is “to be able.”  The dictionary continues to say, it is the ability to do or act.  It is strength, of body and of character.  It is influence or control over others.

Power is often fought but can’t be defeated.  Power itself is invisible.  Yes, it can be suppressed, dominated, intimidated, annihilated, done in, wiped out, and overwhelmed, but it never really dies.  Instead, it will lie dormant, waiting for the opportunity to reassert itself when the time is right.

In the end, true power is knowledge, simplicity, awareness, truth and a willingness to observe.

Sir Francis Bacon agrees, as witnessed in his writing: “Knowledge is power.”

Power, knowledge, awareness, truth – these are words that can be defined and understood but cannot be seen, felt, weighed or measured in any purely physical scientific sense.  Only the manifestations of power fall into the realm of the physical universe and come into the purview of scientific study.  This is because true power resides within the individual – invisible to the eye.  Only the manifestations of power can be seen.

The ultimate of power cannot be found in the physical universe, only the physical symbols of power can be, as the true source of power is the individual him or herself.  The great myth is that it is otherwise.

A myth is an invented idea, story or concept; an imaginary or fictitious person, or an unproved or false collective belief.  The myth is powerless beyond the perpetuation of the myth.  Once it is revealed to be baseless, it’s power vanishes instantly

The accumulation of objects, money, dwellings, methods of transport, clothing, and other trappings of success in the physical world leading to more personal power; these are all part of the myth.  It is all well and good to honestly acquire all these and more; it is not necessary to live the live of a monk.  But don’t fall into the trap of believing that these are power.  They are not.  They are the myth.

Myths are lies, ignorance and falsehoods, masquerading as truth.

When truth is revealed, the myth vanishes.

Power is truthtruth is power.

Apparencies of power stem from deception and misdirection.  Myth can only survive by creating more lies and more complexities

There is no power without truth. Truth is able to defeat lies and myths. Myths are powerless against truth.

Truth is what is. Myth is what is not.

A myth has no inherent power. It is inherently weak. It’s power is derived from its ability to confuse and enturbulate, so that thinking, seeing, observing are impaired.

Power is stems from within. Myth stems from without. The basis of power is truth. The basis of myth is a lie.

When exposed, truth expands and strengthens – when exposed, myth weakens and contracts.

A myth remains alive only by remaining hidden in dark shadows and mystery. Truth is kept alive and thrives in the light of knowledge and awareness.

It is your responsibility (a willingness to act) to relentlessly seek the truth and ruthlessly expose lies wherever they are found.  It is only in this manner can there remain any hope for the future of mankind.  For it is truth alone that has the power to transcend all barriers and limitations.  It is the only thing that knows no physical limitations; it can’t be trapped or imprisoned or vanquished.  Truth alone is omnipotent.

It has been said that when you doubt your power, you give power to your doubt.  This is a true statement in that you alone are the only one who can limit your own power.

Guard it, treasure it and pass it on.  It’s the most valuable commodity in the universe.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2009-2020, all rights reserved


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