ECONOMIC SEDUCTION (how to boil a frog)

There we were.  Just going along . . . self-sufficient, self-reliant, helping our neighbors and ourselves as best we knew how.

We were happy enough, productive and surviving fairly well with our individual rights and liberties safely guaranteed . . . or so we were told. Yes, the government was there to “help” us if we really needed it but stayed out of our way if we didn’t and mostly we got along fine.

Then, when we weren’t looking a very strange thing happened. It’s akin to the story of how to boil a frog, and in case you don’t remember, the story goes like this.

If you throw a frog into hot, boiling water, he will jump out immediately! But, if you put him into cold or lukewarm water, he will stay there. Then as you gradually raise the temperature, he becomes comfortably accustomed to the heat and will not jump out, even when it is boiling. In fact he will stay there until he becomes a boiled frog . . . willingly! And without resisting. And unless something changes, we could easily share the same fate.

We all got sold this bill of goods, (willingly, or at least unknowingly) that if we went along with the higher taxes solution to everything, then the government could and would do more to help us. If this had happened all of a sudden, like being thrust into boiling water, none of us would have gone along with the taxation rates we’ve now grown accustomed to. But like our friend, the frog, we have become accustomed to it and do little except complain. The way this was accomplished is interesting.

We were set up by some real or fancied “emergency” situation that no one could really argue with . . . like a war or something equally bad like a natural disaster. Then, while we weren’t looking, somebody was turning up the heat by increasing taxes to pay for all this. And as if that weren’t bad enough, the idea of giving up some of our “inalienable rights” now seemed somehow understandable and acceptable under the circumstances, right? Well, okay, maybe just until the “emergency” was over. Seemed innocent enough, so we went along with it. Now the first step of the seduction had been accomplished, with our tacit agreement. The water did seem a little hotter, but we got used to it . . . and now the plot thickens.

Eventually, the war, disaster, or “emergencie du jour” comes to an end with a whimper or a bang and life goes on. But somehow, those pesky taxes seem stay the same as now some new emergency appears that also can’t be ignored. We dismiss the thought (as too incredible to be believed) that someone could be actually creating emergencies to distract us from what they were really up to. Further, everyone seems to have grown used to getting along without all those individual rights, so they don’t ever get restored either.

The attention gets shifted to helping out the poor or less fortunate for who would argue with that? And of course the government, being the only entity big enough and strong enough to accomplish this, ends up running the show. Soon, we have floods of entitlement programs, welfare programs and hand-outs galore and it seems everyone was on some kind of government payroll or entitlement program or at least wanted to be and hardly anyone notices that the heat just went up a couple of more notches.

To cut to the chase, we end up with generations of welfare addicts who have become hooked on, “the government will do it for me.” An addiction as dangerous as any drug, fixating attention, commanding thought and directing actions only toward the goal of obtaining the next hit.

At the higher income strata, we have individuals and companies feeding at the government trough growing fat and lazy with their newfound wealth, gradually eroding any individual thought and ingenuity. It seemed so innocent and helpful at the beginning but now at the end of the day, this economic deception and manipulation is nearly complete. We’ve been had!

Those hardy individuals, self-reliant and self-sufficient with character built from honest, hard work will soon be an endangered species if we continue to be seduced in this way. We’re giving away our rights, our privacies and our freedoms in exchange for what? An easy life? Money for nothing? A free lunch? No . . . sadly we’re trading our most valuable freedoms in exchange for a life of slavery! We are now owned, lock stock and barrel by the powers that be, in charge of handing out the dough . . . the water is now boiling and we stand by indifferently, thinking we can do nothing about it.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse . . .

A well-known fact in international banking circles is that it doesn’t matter who runs the politics of the country. As long as you have control of the economics, the money of the country, you hold the keys to the kingdom – as you have all the power.

This is the game being played and we’ve damn near lost before we even knew there was one going on. (We were too comfortable soaking in the economic hot tub of easy money to even notice) Now, once we’ve given up our rights and they’ve got us all hooked on entitlements, what do you think is going to happen?

Inevitably, they are going to pull the plug or somehow shake up the “feeder-line” thus threatening your survival and you grimly realize they could take you off your life-support on a whim. Again, some created emergency will precede this and “explain” why this is all happening now. (The spin-meisters will have a field day with this)

Suddenly, you start to feel just a bit “spinny” like someone just pulled the chair out from under you. Frantically you search for something that will restore your life of ease. You’re willing to do almost anything to get back to that safe, secure, worry-free life you thought you had. After all, when you’re in the cage, depending upon the breast of “momma-government” for your sustenance, you’ll give up almost anything for your next “fix.” And you become even more susceptible to the next bit of entrapment slowly sliding into place.

The final step is accomplished by the implementation of a program designed to “expose” those few individuals still believing in the value of freedom, liberty, and rights as “enemies or traitors” to the common good. Now, anyone who starts beating the drum for less government, more individual rights, privacy or liberty is seen as your “enemy,” as they seem to further threaten your supply and your apparent life-line.

For example, the person who doesn’t want to live on credit and be owned by the bank is looked upon as “odd” and out of touch with society. The individual who likes the “cash and carry” method of handling purchases is viewed as “money-hoarder,” probably with terrorist connections and therefore viewed as dangerous.

In short, anyone still believing in individual freedom tends to threaten your dull and doomed existence and is regarded with disdain at best, hatred at worst. (The sound and heat of water boiling ever more vigorously becomes harder and harder to ignore)

We have now become the “boiled frog” . . . willingly, if not knowingly. And the economic seduction is now complete.

We now vigorously demand that we have the RIGHT to be fed and cared for by the government. In fact, we rebel if the government for some reason decides NOT to care for us and feed us. We even revolt for the privilege of being ruled and enslaved by the government. And all we had to do was give up our personal sense of worth, our dignity, our individual rights, our liberties and our freedoms. Not all that bad . . . or is it? Where does this all lead anyway? Lets take a gander and see what our future might hold.

Well, unless there exists some individual intention and effort to retain or regain our freedoms, we will have lost what we always considered most dear . . . our own sense of worth.

It is now obvious that rewarding people for doing nothing ultimately reduces individual initiative and resourcefulness creating a welfarism of dependency upon something other than oneself. The result is that the torch of “freedom” will have been nearly extinguished and replaced by the domination and dictates of the state.

Freedom was once the battle cry that established our country, a cry that echoed around the world. America was held up as beacon in the darkness as proof that the spark of freedom did still exist. It still does, but it is rapidly growing more and more faint. In two hundred years or so, American culture has just about taken over the world. Peoples around the globe love our Coke and Pepsi, our Levis and McDonald’s hamburgers. But like a company that has long since run out of cash, the concept of freedom is “running on fumes” or worse . . . the memory of what fumes used to smell like!

However, there is still hope . . . however slight. For the true source of freedom and security, the individual, and his or her sense of worth and individual identity, never really gives up. The spark of life resides in free will and power of choice; though fought and overcome by the slave masters, it yet lives on to fight again. It never really dies.

Free will, if acknowledged, nourished and held in high esteem will grow stronger. Almost magically it comes to life when fed even the smallest bit of hope. And happily, it is also infectious and is easily passed on to others.

It remains that it is the individual, not the group, who can accomplish this resurrection of the will. There are many that have not accepted the slave-chains of government subsidies and are doing what they can in their own areas to regain the freedoms that have been lost or retain what little is left. Others know they should do something but never seem to get started. They are stuck with this vague anxiety that things are not right but don’t know what to do about it. In the end, there is really only one person we can turn to for help.

This person is you. The person that looks back at you in the mirror every morning. This is the one of whom you have to demand action. There must be a demand for improvement before any meaningful positive change can begin. It is up to you. Speak up! Communicate in whatever form, by whatever media, as it is the one freedom we still tenuously hold on to. Do what you can in your own area. Use it or it will be surely lost forever!

Only by constant vigilance against tyranny, raising an outcry against oppression, exhibiting a willingness to speak out against attempts to further erode our liberties, rights and freedoms . . . will we find a way to avoid the outcome of sharing a warm bath with our friend . . . the boiled frog.

The choice is still yours . . . at least for now.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2002-2010, all rights reserved

Disclaimer: This article is intended to stimulate critical thought and awareness of the issues involved. The author makes no guarantee of the accuracy of the writings beyond a common sense observation of the obvious.


One thought on “ECONOMIC SEDUCTION (how to boil a frog)

  1. Steve Vachss

    Thanks for sharing your article on “Economic Seduction: How To Boil A Frog.” I agree with what you are saying. It’s easy to be tricked into little steps that seem insignificant at the time they occur; and then realize that in full-context over the long-term you’ve strayed beyond your personal values without knowing it. Personally, some of the people I’ve been associated with over the years often seemed to have that as a potential

    Also, any of us can believe in an authority figure or someone we admire, and therefore presume their actions to be morally justifiable. Such individuals use their images of being supernatural wealth-creators, in a way that makes people assume that they have a magical gift rendering all their actions somehow justifiable.

    Thanks for shedding the spotlight of truth on the area for all of us.

    Steve Vachss
    Senior Marketing Executive

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