LIFE: a work in progress

Your future is often suspiciously related to what you’re doing today.

You’re never more interest-ing – than when you’re interested.

Trust your instincts and they’ll be there when you need them.

Reassurance of affection can soothe the soul and quiet the twin dragons of worry and fear.

The price of freedom is never too great – when the cost of indifference is so dear.

Develop walk away power – be willing to use it.

Stress causes worry and worry causes stress, both are a
waste of time.

The best cure for an uneasy mind is a clear conscience.

Admiration attracts admiration.

Remember you are unique . . . just like everyone else.

The lengths some people will go to to create trouble for others is beyond belief – believe it anyway.

People who consider you a disposable asset or an
acceptable casualty, are not your friends.

Don’t become a lawyer, a thief, or a banker.

The pain of contraction is always worse than the pain of expansion.

Explanations don’t justify and justifications don’t explain.

If you’re hearing only what you want to hear – it’s a set up
cut your losses and get out fast.

Don’t let yourself end up as collateral damage to the ignorance of others

Be alert: if they’re lying to you – they’re trying to manipulate you.

Remain vigilant, anything that could never happen – can and most likely will.

If something feels wrong, it is wrong – don’t do it.

Not everyone is a liar, but anyone can be.

If it sounds too good to be real – it’s probably illegal.

When anyone says “it’s not about the money” . . .it’s about the money.

Don’t deal with synthetic people – the upside potential is
not worth the downside risk.

Sometimes you have to ask the right question to find
the correct answer.

Look for what is not there that should be.

An accident happens once, a coincidence, twice;
three times, it’s an enemy action; take fast action now!

Keep on the lookout look for opportunities –
they’re all around you, all the time.

Your power is infinite – so is your ability to limit yourself.

Things will change.

Business basics: locate people with money who have problems you can solve – solve them – get paid.

Don’t ask yourself questions that only someone else can answer – instead, ask them.

The greed and hubris of some people can have with horrible unintended consequences for you.

All people lie some of the time – some people lie all of the time – learn to tell the difference.

Yes, some people really do specialize in creating trouble for others.

Never assume anything . . . good or bad.

Never tell them more than you know.

There is always a bull market somewhere.

Expect miracles – sometimes they do happen.

You create the life that you think about most.

True riches in life come from the things that
money can’t buy.

Don’t worry – it makes you and your life boring.

Don’t let your only creative outlet become finding
more ways to limit yourself.

Quit arguing when others express a willingness to listen and cooperate.

In any negotiation, you always have more power than you think you do . . . so do they.

Information and time are power – to be used for you or against you.

It something seems “in-credible,” it is not-credible.

Don’t let the pursuit of things supplant your purposes.

When they think their position is strong, they’ll stand on facts. If their facts are weak, they’ll stand on principle. If they’ve got neither, they’ll stand on the table.

The perceived value of a favor or service quickly diminishes
once it’s completed.

Develop a reputation for never bluffing . . .
but never be afraid to bluff.

Observe how others treat waitresses and workers – that’s how
they’ll treat you.

Look around the table: if you can’t spot the sucker – you’re it.

Never believe all your reviews – good or bad.

Effective marketing captures the attention and ignites the imagination.

Success has many fathers, failure is an orphan.

Always have a plan B – never have to use it.

Never underestimate a human being’s ability to justify, rationalize or explain a mistake.

Practice using your bullshit detector until it’s infallible.

If you focus on what you don’t want . . . that’s all that will show up.

If they lie about small things, they’ll lie about big things.

Change is the only constant.

Two important points in any negotiations:
1. anything is negotiable
2. refer to point number one

Conventional wisdom is a waste of good imagination and sound judgment.

True security does not stem from things – it resides within.

Sanity, happiness and power are a direct consequence of following your true purpose in life.

Don’t talk too long: they’ll see what you don’t know – and forget what you do.

You’ll be happier if you speak and write with simplicity, brevity and humanity . . . so will everyone else.

People will care what you know – when they know that you care.

You are what you are perceived to be.

Act as if your future depends on what you do today – it does!

Become expert of at least one thing that you really love.

Take all the time as you need to write a short letter.

It’s never too late to be who you really are.

All life is a work in progress – all work is a life in progress.

These are some of my current opinions and observations on life – no more valid than your own. Don’t believe anything you’ve read here unless you can see it to be true for yourself . . .
then question it anyway.

daniel w. jacobs
(c) 2007 – 2020, all rights reserved


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