Yes . . . he knew how to handle people, he reflected proudly, after all; he was an important man.

His professionalism, impeccably positioned and beyond reproach; his reputation and the trappings of success blinding others to the dark corners of a life masked by pretense and lies; no one would ever suspect this deception. But even if they did, he could extinguish any threat of exposure with a tsunami of fear created by overwhelming intimidation or veiled domination by nullification.pathway

With his tarnished Juris Doctor shield as a cover – plus an ingenious combination of subterfuge and sabotage – he was now able to act unfettered by legal niceties such as the law, fairness, and common decency. Control with fear was his mantra, his way of life, carefully obscured by the frayed and tattered shroud of truth, justice, and the American way. It really was enviously admirable, wasn’t it?

Yes, he admitted to himself, in the beginning, it would stain the conscience a bit, but he got used to it after a while. Privately and proudly, he believed that the idea of a conscience was stupid anyway, a refuge to shelter a weak constitution and the timid mind.  Their feeble minds couldn’t grasp what he was trying to do anyway.

Didn’t they understand that it was his destiny to contribute something new and important to his profession?

The fact that he felt an almost frantic need to wash away those nagging feelings that tugged at what little remained of his conscience didn’t really factor into his thinking.  He just needed to discover something that would show them that he was above the archaic values of morality, ethics, and the law.

And now he had finally found it; an ingenious adaptation of Ling Chi (slow slicing) or “death by a thousand cuts,” skillfully applied to keep the victim on the edge of death . . . alive just long enough to extort the final drop of blood money.

It was brilliant!  This age-old Chinese torture technique, outlawed in 1905, was the form of execution reserved for the most heinous criminal; a slow torturous death by many small wounds, none instantly lethal but fatal in their cumulative effect.  But now he had sanitized the process and made it acceptable to civilized society, all without fear of discovery or retribution.

He thought to himself, the incremental destruction of the enemy by repeated minor covert attacks is best, as open aggression is too obvious and would be resisted. Better to keep feeding a steady diet of bad news – through innuendo and distortion of the truth twisted to suit his own antagonism – into the lives of the chosen victim while at the same time injecting lies, threats, and generalities so that his version of the facts eventually become accepted as true.

This way, guilt by allegation or accusation keeps them on edge to such a degree that it worries them to death! It was virtually undetectable, he thought smugly, keeping them so spun into themselves that they never noticed what he was doing. Then, when his victim gave up after being emotionally, mentally, and financially bled dry, no one would suspect that this was his intention all along.

Grudgingly, he would admit that there was still that nagging twinge of guilt buried deep in the recesses of his mind that never quite went away, but as always, he pushed it aside with a heavy dosage of self-righteousness. Self-criticism was just not a luxury he could afford.

Besides, he wasn’t doing anything technically illegal, wrong or morally reprehensible . . . Or was he? (he hated that thought) He was right!  Nothing was going to stand in the way of his greatest achievement. This was his legacy – his chance at the golden ring of immortality, and he wasn’t going to let it slip away.

* * *

The barely fictionalized portrayal above might not be what you want to hear, but it is something you need to know.

The gut-wrenching and sickening thought that such people are living amongst us in positions of power to ruin our lives is not pleasant. But I have run into them and have the emotional, financial and spiritual scars as a reminder . . . and so do you whether you realize it or not.

It is nearly impossible to fathom the dark world in which these characters live. Their lives are embroiled in continuing evil intention to stop others; stopping others from growing stronger, from becoming more aware, from producing, succeeding, creating or even living.

To them, all people are dangerous. They live in a constant, secret fear of others that monitors all their thoughts and actions and permeates every aspect of their lives. Anything that would make the lives of others more secure, stable or happy is viewed as a threat – an enemy that must be stopped at any cost.

Normal humans beings have a very limited digestion for such behavior. It takes an individual with a tough constitution to face such unsavory characters, and you often feel you need a spiritual bath after any association with them.

You can be certain of one thing. When your life is failing, full of stress, worry, self-doubt, depression or impending disaster with nowhere to turn, the effect of the thousand cuts has begun to exact its toll. Such severe conditions don’t just happen by chance. One or more of these evil characters described above is hard at work, secretly and actively helping to create the turmoil in which you now find yourself embroiled.

At this point, no amount of positive thinking or denial will get you out of this mess. You have to grab yourself by the emotional and spiritual bootstraps and face the fact that someone really bad is trying to do you in. It’s not illusion or a bad-childhood; it’s real, and it’s lethal. A failure to recognize this truth and act fast can be fatal to your dreams, your goals, and your life.

Also, one more thing.  If you think you see some of the negative characteristics above in yourself, you are most certainly not the individual I’m writing about.  For the truly negative individual cannot see any of such characteristics in himself or herself.  Self-examination and correction are not part of their make-up.

I still find it hard to believe that such people live on this planet with me. I was raised in a part of the country where you could leave your front door unlocked at any time of the day or night without a thought of harm. I trusted people first and only reluctantly thought ill of them. Regretfully, I have had to disabuse myself of such thoughts and train myself to be skeptical and a bit more cynical.

Even when the warning signs were obvious, it was all too easy to think, “That just can’t be true; he’s so friendly and helpful; he’s just a normal guy.” My innate forgiving nature tended to blind me the oddities and aberrations of others. But what’s worse is that I ended up thinking there was only something wrong with me!

My instincts and observations were dismissed as unbelievable. It fact, it was so “in-credible” (not-credible) that such an individual could cause this much trouble, which this fact alone protected the culprit. It is simply “not – believable” and so is allowed to continue unrecognized and uncorrected. Often it is this important single fact that protects them.

However, there is hope.


No matter the outward manifestations, these individuals are fundamentally weak. They are totally dependent only upon their ability to covertly or overtly manipulate, control and dominate others by creating a roiling, agitated, unsafe, and dangerous environment.

It’s been said that sunlight is the greatest antiseptic and the concept certainly applies here.  For the one thing, such degraded and detestable individuals cannot stand the spotlight of truth being shown in their direction.  Once exposed, their apparent power is gone, and they scatter like cockroaches when you turn on the light.

Often the hardest step is the first one: – mustering sufficient guts to face the fact of what they’re already doing to you and others. Once you’ve got this one under your belt, the rest is easy. For it is your own unwillingness to face the truth of what they’re doing that allows them to continue to create an unsettled life for everyone they come in contact with.

When you can really look at such individuals and their actions, face it and see what they are really up to, their ability to control you is gone. Their power depends utterly upon deception, deceit, and manipulation. Once exposed, their hidden influence over you and others will wither and die on the vine.

When you come to realize that these people actually do exist, you will never again be the same innocent victim you once were, as you are now armed with the understanding of what is really taking place.

Although these characters represent a slight percentage of the population as a whole, their negative influence is vast and pervasive. It is worth your time, your sanity and your life to expose them whenever and wherever you can.

Take my word on this one – you won’t regret it.

Daniel Jacobs
© 2007, all rights reserved



  1. Sue Hawley

    soooo true, eh? Really like this writing – wow – based on such truth! Thanks for sending the message out!

  2. Jack Kimmell

    Dan…enjoyed..certainly shows you can express yourself:) And you’re a profound writer.
    – Jack Kimmell, Ph.D.

  3. Dave Rich


    Congratulations on your piece on WordPress. Well stated as usual.
    Just creeping secularization wrapped in moral relatavision.

    My best


  4. Billy Brown


    Once again, you have displayed your highly skilled excellence in being able to express that which might be realized but not actively acknowledged as a vital and
    critical part of the human condition. Your keen insight into understanding the process of human manifestation continues to be exhibited in your writings. There is great pleasure in reading and appreciating your observatons about ideas that are relevant to our comprehending of all that goes on around us. You are a great contribution to that revelation.

    Billy Brown

  5. myrna Jacobs

    Just re-read this, Dan. It’s very powerful and so crazy true about so many aspects of life. I even thought of the media and whoever is behind all that. Wow. Great article.

  6. Joyce Tingle Hollingsworth

    (comment submitted on FaceBook)
    I know this person: Ph.D. rather than J.D. Death by a thousand paper cuts. Time to break free, but how? Impressed by your writing, Dan.
    – Joyce Tingle Hollingsworth

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